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Forums › Buy/Sell/Trade › Non ICD Gear Forum :: Archives › Non ICD Gear Forum Rules :: Archived

Non ICD Gear Forum Rules
Buy/Sell/Trade any non ICD markers and misc paintball related gear.
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Author Message

Joined: Jan 11, 2006
Posts: 3556
Location: Campbell River, B.C.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:29 pm    Post subject: Non ICD Gear Forum Rules

1. You may sell any non ICD gear including markers here. This is for paintball and paintball related gear only. No selling items like video game systems, exercise balls, iPods or other non paintball related stuff.

2. Sell whatever you want so long as it is legal.

No eBay (or any other auction) links or posts are allowed. If we wanted to buy something on eBay, we'd be there instead of here. If your thread contains only a link to another site where it's being advertised, it will be closed. You took the time to make a new thread, so take the extra 2 seconds and copy and paste everything over. Also, please do not attempt to auction gear to the highest bidder.

If you feel that you offer a better deal, then make a new thread in the forum with your ad, do not post in someone else's - That would ruin their chances at selling their stuff. Please to do not make commentary about someone’s pricing.

No flaming what so ever. Doesn't matter if you were flamed first, last, sideways, frontways or backways. DON'T FLAME. The administration as a whole will be highly intolerant of any inflammatory posts.

ONE (1) Up/bump type post in a day. This includes posts from other people (I.e. having your friends "up" posts for you). A day is defined as a 24 hour period.

NOTE*** An up or bump is *ANY* post that will make your thread go to the top. "I'll now take trades" will be considered a bump.

You can negotiate prices or what have you here but keep it on topic. Otherwise use PMs.

Make the title reflect what you are selling or buying. No embellishment or fluff is necessary. This includes excessive use of Non-alphanumeric characters and adjectives. Keep thread titles concise and to the point; Users who create threads in spite of this rule will be asked to change the thread’s title.

For example:
“$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$two Promasters For Sale Or Trade$$$$$$$$&”
“Dye DM7*DM7*DM7*DM7*DM7*DM7*DM7*DM7*FST”
“SEXY @$$ Explicit Ego 10 (X) F/S/T ;D!!% Bring me a geo 2 !”

These should look like this:
Two Promasters for Sale or Trade
Nice Explicit Ego 10, Looking for a Geo 2.1

No profanity in thread titles or posts... None what-so-ever - anything relating to profanity in your title or thread. Profanity will not be tolerated.

*** Do Not try and beat the swear filter. Attempting to do this will get your post deleted, and you'll be formally warned.

No Corporate Spamming or Selling. We do not allow companies (And that includes both 'established' companies like Kee or PMI, as well as smaller companies that you might never have heard of) to come into the B/S/T forums and sell off their stock. This of course does not apply if you are a Sponsor or Supporting Member.

Asking a buyer to pay the PayPal surcharges is a violation of the PayPal TOS and can result in having your account rescinded. As such, we do not allow selllers to do this.

Asking a buyer to "gift" the money to avoid paypal fees is also not allowed. It is against Paypal's terms of service to ask a buyer to pay through a gift. If the transaction goes poorly and the money was gifted, paypal can no longer arbitrate the transaction.

For more information, please see www.paypal.com/us/cgi-...pt/ua/USUA , under section, "4.6 No Surcharges" and "4.1 Receiving Personal Payments."

If you tell someone, "I'll take it," then you're committing to the deal. Backing out of a deal should only be done in very rare circumstances, and tell the other person about it immediately. Don't be surprised if you get bad feedback from the other person if you back out of a deal.

You have read our rules, we will allow you to add rules to your post, as long as they are reasonable: i.e.
"PayPal only" and "not interested in trading for Brand X markers" are acceptable
"Don't offer your crappy Brand X" and "your momma stinks" are not.

Please report all problems to an administrator (admins@icd-owners.com). We have the right to close any thread without notice if we feel the content is pushing the rules too far.

Thank you - and good luck with your selling.

Updated 11-28-11

Updated 11-23-12


So good, I don't need feedback.
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