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my history with ICD...
Talk about anything related to paintball here.
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ICDO Supporter
ICDO Supporter

Joined: Oct 18, 2006
Posts: 5884
Location: New Jersey

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:59 am    Post subject: my history with ICD...

we all love ICD in one form the other, whatever guns we use, wall-hang or ogle. this got me thinking of when i really began to notice ICD. reminiscing of when i knew i would own one, the start of the love affair, if you will. here's what i think of ICD, and questioning what happened to them(not the SP lawsuit demise).

i started paintball in 97, when a friend asked to come out and play. i was first intrigued, as i remember seeing the old ESPN shows shot in some sort of park(original Ironmen vs. Paraplegic Turtles?), and never found out more than this, other some sort of weird game, that allows you to shoot people legally. so i got into the sport, devouring everything and anything i could get my hands on that involved paintball. mind you that was before the internet was prevalent as it was today. so magazines were a god send.

through those magazines, i remember seeing the first ads for the NEW Bushmaster 2000. this was at the time when Angels were delivered from the gods, usurping Shockers(the old shoebox versions) as the only guns that had electronic triggers. but there, after the Angel, Shocker, Rainmaker, was this little gun with the old name, that was cheap for original electros($500 for a Bushmaster, $1000+ for Angels, $700+ for Shockers), and offered all that the top guns had, but at more than half the cost. there, i knew i would own one, one day.

now, i rarely shot electros, and was all mech at that time. had my Tippmanns, had my Mag, had my cockers, and even though i coveted the LCDs, i never forgot about ICD. you could say that i had lustful thoughts about angels, and kinda put ICDs on the back burner. even though Angels were exotic, being made in the UK, and the stigma of that, i always thought that ICDs were an American exotic. mysterious cause you rarely saw one on the field, but they had a stigma about them.

i had payed attention to them, but its easier to find a dealer for everything else in my area, but ICDs. though i love them, i don't like to pay retail price(who does?), when everyone else buys wholesale or less. so, i never gave my money directly to ICD, but after 1999, i never gave my money to any company for anything new. but sometime in 03/04 i did buy my first Bushmaster, there, it wasn't always my first choice for all games, it was always with me.

since then, i finally was able to have my love affair with ICD.

but this is where it ends. i have and will get more of the guns i love. no, not giving up on my ICDs, but the companies demise. though the reasons are known, what is not known is why did ICD never take off? why did the company that put out first class, performance guns, capable to hang with everything out there, get relegated to second tier status?

as i said, they had/have as much performance as all the others. when they came out, they along with the Angels, had the modes the others didn't. B2Ks where even referenced as "the Poorman's angel" at one point in time. was this not a compliment, but a slight? why pay cheap, when for twice the price, you can get the real deal, and the mystique of having it? it had everything that the Angels had for it: different barrel threads, modes of fire, distinct looks, operates basically the same; even with that, the cost of the parts, the normal Skinners where half the price compared to the 14 way solenoid in the Angels. so what's the difference?

even after the wave of the new electros: Tribals, Intimidators, latest models of Angels, newer Shockers, even new model Shocker, Emags, Matrixes, Impulses; ICD was still there. hell, the Impulse was the direct copy of the Bushmaster, and that took off(well, you can't give them away now, so there is some just deserts there), even with the lack of adjustable LPR, or NO LPR, people still bought it. but what was it that kept people away? was it the lack of advertising? was it the lack of sponsorships? yes, Thunderstruck was fully sponsored, but i never heard about them till i came here in 07. Naughty Dogs used some Freestyles, but for every FS, there were 2 people using ND Timmies on the team.

if it wasn't the gun or the company(can't say/don't know if customer service was good or bad), was it the aftermarket? was the fact that barrels, which in the glory days of $120 Boomsticks and $180 Titanium Boomsticks(and that was for a single .688 bores, originally, boys and girls), where near non-existant. or if the shop COULD get what you wanted, it would have to wait 2-4 weeks, to get a shipment in, cause the shop doesn't just order 1 barrel just for you and you need something right now. the threading was much better than the near standard cocker thread. was it the fact that companies would rush to get parts in for the newest flavor of the month, when they made a market for them, but nothing for ICD?

even the might Planet Eclipse who would use there magic touch and make even the ugliest guns beautiful(shoebox shockers, for example), did that for the Bushmaster, made some of the best parts for it, was the first to Aurora a gun starting off the craze, made just a small bump on the market for Bushmasters. Shocktech did the same, as well for ICD and the Bushmaster. Bob Long even did up a quick modded Bushmaster. but it seems that nothing could draw the people into the fold.

so, was it Smart Parts that killed ICD, or was it SP that nearly put the final nail in the coffin, where others had put the "aftermarket" nails in? what is it where a company does everything right, gives people exactly what they want, gives the best product out there, and still no one gives it the credit it should have received. so what does everyone think?
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PL B2K Scrooge
PL B2K Scrooge

Joined: May 07, 2006
Posts: 5993
Location: Ohio

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:01 am    Post subject: Re: my history with ICD...

I love this thread.

I came in on the tail end of ICD's demise. They had just released the b2k4, and I bought my blind Bushmaster from a local pro shop for $400. It shot great! I dumped every cent I made into it, and it remains to this day (6 years later) my top performer.

I can't say why they went out, but if I had to guess, it would be lack of advertising, and cumbersome guns. Their guns just don't have a high-end feel. They're too complicated (Freestyles) and the poppits were heavy (somewhat) and ugly (personally). They needed to step up in the sexiness department.

ICD-O Feedback
maloneoni wrote:
They look good.
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ICDO Supporter
ICDO Supporter

Joined: Dec 22, 2005
Posts: 3280
Location: Lafayette Indiana

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:38 am    Post subject: Re: my history with ICD...

for the time, they were AMAZING. the triggers were second to none as well.


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Man with no name
Man with no name

Joined: Feb 06, 2008
Posts: 6364
Location: livermore, ca

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:05 am    Post subject: Re: my history with ICD...

I bought my first freestyle, which was also my first ICD marker in 2007. I bought my clear/red FS8 new. I paid 300 or 350 dollars for it.

I was disappointed when I heard ICD stopped making markers. I was also not privy to the SP bs.

My team captain bought a NDFS7 new off the line when the came out. That was the first one I shot. It also looked so pretty next to my ion. I coveted that thing. He then bought a FS8 when the came out and sold the NDFS7 to my friend Nick.

The guns we were shooting were promaster, an intimidator, fs8s, the NDFS7, a 06 cyborg, and my old ion. At one point, we all shot freestyles. Those were good times.

cs900 wrote:
a can opener is a good alternative to a sp on off.

63VDub wrote:
I see potential for a CO2 operated tattoo gun...

Beating plowshares into swords.
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ICDO Supporter
ICDO Supporter

Joined: Nov 14, 2006
Posts: 815
Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:39 am    Post subject: Re: my history with ICD...

An excellent read fellas!

Always looking for better.....
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Pro Headcase

Joined: Dec 11, 2014
Posts: 164

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:50 am    Post subject: Re: my history with ICD...

Here is my 2 cents: ICD has always been a players company. Ever since the first Bushmaster (pump style) they have given the player what they needed. They were never on the bleeding edge of technology, nut they produced solid markers with good customer service. The cats were mid range mechs, so new players picked up Spyders and tippmans. The older players picked up cockers and mags. The Fox never really caught on, and that's a shame. On the electro side, same deal. The Bushmaster was there, but it never was pushed as hard as the SP, DYE and WDP offerings. It suffered from bad reviews by kids who didn't know how to maintain it, and the sponsored teams never hit it big until after they left the ICD stable.

IMO, if ICD had doubled the price on the Bushmaster and FS, they would be on par with MacDev as far as market share. I think the SP case hurt the Dobbins family deeper than just monetarily. I think it took the fun out of paintball, and that's a huge loss to the game.

“Oh, so you think the harness is your ally?
But you merely adopted the harness.
I was born in it, molded by it.
I didn’t see modular electronics until I was already a man,
by then to me it was only blinding.
The harnesses betray you because they belong to me.”
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ICD-O Admin
ICD-O Admin

Joined: Sep 09, 2003
Posts: 1412
Location: La La Land

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:41 pm    Post subject: Re: my history with ICD...

agreed with vdub.... a family owned business with limited marketing putting out a great product. SP at the time was the Microsoft of marketing. and with the owners being lawyers they not only dominated the marketing but also ran backend lawsuits and in your face business strategies that pretty much killed mom and pop shops like icd. ICD sponsored teams, like vdub stated, never made it big until after they left ICD. great players/teams used ICD as a stepping stone and very few returned to give back to the company after they blew up. Now on top of all that throw in a culture that is based on the whims of very young very marketing oriented players. Players that believe that if Marker "X" is the new hottest thing then everything else must suck. That still goes today.. If your not shooting an Ego then your not shooting the best. before Egos you had angels, intimidators, and any other well hyped product. That's not to say that any one of those guns weren't great.. some were some weren't. It's just this industry really knows how to market to the target audience.

One good thing to note is that as the sport gets older and younger kids grow with the sport the classic guns are getting much more attention. Also belive it or not the whole recession thing I feel is also changing the sport. People are looking for guns that can perform but not break the bank. yeah there are plenty of hype lovers still that keep the latest and greatest bells and whistles company going, but the used gun market is thriving more than I've ever seen it. all the old guns are going up in price.. except SP guns LOL. cockers geez I used to be able to get cocker parts for pennies not anymore. and AKA well we all know the price on AKA guns (by the way another company that was really hurt by SP).
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