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Forums › Buy/Sell/Trade › Non ICD Gear Forum :: Archives › Huge Magic the Gathering Type 1 collection F/S, Badlands, Ma :: Archived

Huge Magic the Gathering Type 1 collection F/S, Badlands, Ma
Buy/Sell/Trade any non ICD markers and misc paintball related gear.
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Author Message

Joined: Nov 07, 2003
Posts: 53

PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2004 7:14 pm    Post subject: Huge Magic the Gathering Type 1 collection F/S, Badlands, Ma

This is my friend's collection. He has no use for them anymore as he has stopped playing since he got married. He's been in the game since the mid 1990s so 95 or 96. His collection is vast. Cards consist from Beta - Planeshift, maybe a few cards after that.

I cannot list all cards, I hope you understand but here is the list he gave me:

His asking price is 500 shipped OBO. Will be shipped via UPS ground with insurance and tracking. I have excellent feedback and if you require more pics please let me know.

He is also throwing in all of his D&D cards, marvel super hero cards, and some pogos for free at no charge.

Collection size is about 1500 - 2000 cards. Will include all of his plastic binder sleeves, and also all of his deck protectors. Everything he has.


1x City of Brass
1x Tolarian Academy
1x Thawing Glaciers
1x Subterranian hanger
2x Fountain of Cho
2x Mog Hallows
1x Icatian Store
1x Cinder Marsh
1x Irrigation Ditch
1x Maze of Shadows
3x Rainbow Vales
1x Sheltered Valley
1x Terrain Generator
1x Root Watter Depths
1x Vec Township
1x Wintermoon Messa
1x Hinge of Ramos
1x Ghosttown
1x High Market
1x Archeological Dig
1x Shivan Gorge
2x Caldera Lake
2x Sulpherous Springs
2x Strip Mines
4x Maze of Iths
4x Badlands


1x Cinder Shade
1x Llanwar Knight
1x Viashivan Dragon
1x Hanna Ship’s Navigator
1x Selena Dark Angel
1x Undermine
1x Vaevictis Asmadi
2x Fumara Role


1x Mox Diamond
1x Magnetic Web
1x Urza Avenger
1x Jade Monolith
1x Crawl Space
1x FOIL Urza Incubator
1x Mercandian Lift
2x Defense Grid
1x Wand of Denial
1x Panacea
1x Barbed Wire
1x Bargaining Table
1x Flowstone Armor
1x Hornet Cannon
2x Pearl Medallion
1x Dingus Staff
1x Kyren Archive
2x Dingus Egg
2x Diamond Kaleidoscope
1x Feldon’s Cane
1x Hinge Guardian
2x Trassic Eggs
1x Phyrexian Vault
4x Fire Diamonds
1x Voltaic Key
1x Ivory Tower
1x Umbiclicus
2x Alter of Dimensia
1x Memory Jar
4x Juggernaut
4x Meekstone
3x Lotus Petals
1x Black Vise
1x Mana Vault
2x Nevinyrrals Disk
2x Ring of Gix
3x Sol Ring


1x Wheel of Fortune,
8x Lightning Bolts,
4 x Scent of Cinder,
4x Incinerate,
4x Sneak Attack
4x Pandemonium
4 x Kindle,
4x Kird Ape,
4x Ball lightning,
2x Covetous Dragon
4x Lightning Blast
1x Eron the Relentless
1x Jokulhaups
4x Fling
1x Earthquake
2x Boil
1x Anarchy
1x Sirocco
4x Balduavian Hordes,
4x Crator Hellion,
4 x Sedge Trolls,
2x Shivan Phoenix,


2x Deadly Insects
4x Yavimaya Ants
2x Blasterderms
1x Craw Giants
1x City of Solitude
1x Boa Constricter
1x Elven Cache
1x Emperor Crocidle
1x Mirri Cat Warrior
1x Sky shroud Poacher
3x Ancestreal Mask
3x Horn Troll
1x Channel
1x Concordant Crossroads
1x Regrowth
1x FastBond
1x Foil spitting spider
4x Erham Djinn
3x Natural Order
4x Weather Seed Treefolk


1x Greel Mindraker
4x Hymn to Torach
4x Lord of the Pit
1x Mindtwist
1x Ishan Shade
1x Force march
1x Doomsday
1x Crazed Scourge
1x Mortuary
2x Reprocess
1x Spinal Graph
1x Hidden Horror
1x Encroach
1x Soul Drinker
1x Liability
1x Corrupt Official
2x Fallen Angel
1x Grandmother Sengir
4x Sengir Vampire
4x Black Knight
1x Demonic Tutor
2x Necropotence
4x Rain of Tears
5x Ice Quake
2x Demonic Hordes
4x Order of the Ebon Hand
4x Diabolic Edict
4x Sinkholes


4x Forces of Will
3x Mana Shorts
2x Tidal kraken
1x Saprazzan Baillis
1x Sand Squid
1x Recall
1x Windfall
1x Relearn
1x Rishadan Airship FOIL
1x Ancestreal Knowledge
4x Serendib Efreet
4x Mahamotti Djinn
4x Great Whales
1x Control Magics
1x Bribery
1x Disappate
4x Arcane Denial
4x Forbid
1x Dissertion
3x Stasis
3x Mind over Matter
4x Fleeting Image
1x Divert
2x Force Spikes
1x Brain Geyser
1x Stroke of Genius
1x Time Spiral


2x Serra Avatar
1x Angelic Page
1x Rashida Scale Bane
2x Tormented Angels
1x Opal ArchAngel
2x Serra Advocates 1xFOIL
1x Eye for an Eye
4x Seraphs
2x Orim Samite Healers
1x Sustainer of the Realm
1x Avenging Angel
1x Herald of Serra
1x Cho-Manno Revolutionary
1x Presence of the Master
2x Arch Angel
1x Honor the Fallen
1x Northern Paladin
4x Serra Angels
4x Swords to the Plow Shares
4x White Knights
4x Blesings
2x Piraha
4x Order of the Leithbur
1x Order of the White Shield
2x Serra Blessings
1x Haunted Angel
1x Karmet Guide
2x Story Circle
3x Repriasal
1x Catastrophe
1x Angelic Protector
4x Farrel Mantles
1x Fountain Watch
1x Song Sticher
1x Repentance
2x Congregate
1x Armistice
4x Serras Embrace
1x Balance
2x Spirit Links
4x Cho-Mano Blessing’s
3x Blinding Angels
1x Radiant Arch Angel


more pics

and more pics

Email: [EMAIL=friesandgravy2003@yahoo.com]friesandgravy2003@yahoo.com[/EMAIL]
AIM: friesandgravy200
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