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Forums › Marker Talk › Problem/Tech forum :: Archives › Zenitram Tech Pro Board Instructions :: Archived

Zenitram Tech Pro Board Instructions
Have a problem with your marker? Ask here
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Author Message
Pro Baller
Pro Baller

Joined: Apr 07, 2005
Posts: 723
Location: Connecticut http://carl815.tripod.com/

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:30 pm    Post subject: Zenitram Tech Pro Board Instructions

>The BlasterMax board shot mode is programmable from the trigger. The proper
>mode should be chosen before actually firing paint with this board. The
>procedure is as follows:
> Remove the jumper from the board. This removes the Tourney Lock
>mechanism, and allows for trigger programming the hopper balls per second
>(bps) rate.
> Make sure the marker is powered OFF and gazed OFF.
> Pull the trigger and hold it pulled, and then power On the marker.
> After a couple of seconds, the LED light will blink. First one blink,
>then two blinks, then three, etc. up until 8 blinks. Release the trigger
>after the number of blinks that define the shot rate you wish to obtain has
>occurred. Do not touch the trigger again until the LED is steady On.
> Turn Off the marker and reinstall the Tourney Lock jumper.
> The shot rate is stored in the nonvolatile memory of the electronics
>board, so you never have to go through the shot rate programming again
>unless you change the hoppers.
>1 Blink unlimited PDS, no shot scrubbing, will fire after ¼ second if no
>PDS detection
>2 Blinks unlimited PDS, scrubs shot if no PDS detection
>3 Blinks 20 bps
>4 Blinks 18 bps
>5 Blinks 16 bps
>6 Blinks 14 bps
>7 Blinks 12 bps
>8 Blinks 10 bps
>Note 1: Important! The unlimited modes should only be used in markers
>equipped with PDS.
>Note 2: Important! The board is delivered preprogrammed to the 7 Blink mode
>(12 bps).
>Note 3: When in the 20 to 10 bps mode, a PDS equipped marker’s PDS system
>will still be functional in the not shot scrubbing mode. It is recommended
>that the unlimited mode be used only for experimental purposes (it is to
>fast for most markers and hoppers).
>Note 4: The shot rate should be set to the average rate at which your
>feeder can feed paint into the breach. Without PDS, if you set a shot rate
>to a higher value than the feed rate of the feeder, you can chop paint.
>Typical average feed rates of popular loaders are as follows:
>9 V feeders like Revolution and Ricochet 10 bps
>Evolution 12 bps
>Halo 16 bps
>In conclusion, if you don’t have PDS, set the firing rate at a speed equal
>to or lower than the feed rate of the loader. This board is so fast, that
>it is easy to out fire the feed rate of even the fastest loader! By
>selecting the proper firing rate, the BlasterMax will never fire
>consecutive shots at a faster rate than your loader, thus minimizing
>chopped paint.
>With PDS, either of the two unlimited modes can be used. The 1 blink mode
>will always shoot a shot, even if the PDS does not detect a ball in the
>breach, such as when the loader is low on paint or empty. It will wait up
>to 250 ms before shooting thus allowing insufficient time for paint to make
>it to the breach (or dry fire if no paint). The 2 blink mode will never
>fire unless there is paint in the breach, which means that the trigger pull
>is scrubbed if the PDS never sees a paintball. This mode is the safest
>mode, but will disarm you if paint is bouncing around in your hopper. In
>both cases, if paint is fed normally to the breach, the electronics will
>fire as soon as the paintball is positioned correctly in the breach, thus
>eliminating ball chop. If you intend to use the PDS Off switch on your
>marker, then you must not use the unlimited mode. Set the bps rate to the
>average feed rate of your loader.
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